Sunday, September 16, 2007

Immagine In Cornice Spoilers

- Ed's solo version of Immortality from the Verona soundcheck is featured.

- A studio version of Picture In A Frame cover plays while Eddie sweeps the ruins of the Pistoia tower (image from the DVD cover).

- There are loads of cameras all over the place during the concert, including one staged just under the roof of the stage. There are slow-motion shots as well.

- There are shots of Eddie and his daughter, band spontanouesly changing the setlist backstage, Mike talking to the fans in front of a Bologna hotel, Mike explaining his tattoos, Eddie talking to an Italian translator, Jeff riding his skateboard, Eddie and Boom talking with the Principal of the local music school...

- Eddie and Mike play an acoustic version of Lukin laughing their asses off.

- Betterman is incomplete.

- Boom plays his own composition "Heaven Can You Here Me Now?"

- A new interpretation of "Alive" will be featured called "Donato's Dance", by Rami Jaffee of The Wallflowers, also a touring member of the Foo Fighters on their Skin & Bones tour and upcoming Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace tour, on the accordion.

- There is an accompanying 24-page booklet with photos.

- Most of the behind-the-scenes footage is dedicated to Eddie; Matt and Stone are barely featured

- The DVD is 113 minutes long (not sure if this includes the bonus features as well).

- Danny Clinch devoted a lot of time to the fans as well; there are footage of various fans from Israel, Sweden, Finland...


Omar Cruz said...
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Eduardo said...

wooow what a bummer, a spam reply...

I just really hope that you guys have some sort of counter that keeps track of your page's traffic.

I really appreciate the way you update the info on this site and how you manage to convey that familiar pj-warmth in the way you present info and cool vids.

keep up the good work!

jeddeth said... is giving away a pair of tickets for 13 of the 20 screenings of Immagine in Cornice, including the New York show. Enter as many times as you like. Entries will be taken through 1 P.M. on Monday afternoon, so enter now!

x.- said...

It sounds like a pretty cool DVD. I must check it out.

Nice blog you've got here, by the by.