Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ed: SIMA Environmentalist Of The Year

"Ed Vedder was honored as Environmentalist of the Year during the 18th Waterman's Weekend, which took place on Friday, August 24 at The St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort & Spa in Dana Point (CA), organized by The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA).

During his acceptance speech, he proclaimed the Bush administration's environmental policies “criminal,” but also asked “Why this tolerance for deception? At some point we are responsible.”
He also said environmentalism has changed. “I don't think it's about chaining yourself to trees anymore, it's about doing business right. It's about finding a better business model.”

Vedder said the idea of being given an award for environmentalism was “like being given an award for breathing. It's what you have to do to stay alive.” Ha added: "What's really important is to be here tonight with the people (environmental organizations) that do the real work.
As a band we help raise visibility and we donate a minimal amount of money, but if the environmental movement is like a wave, the nonprofits are the surfboard steering us on the wave, and we (the band) are like the wax just trying to make things stick with the public."

But Vedder also had some fun, taking a surfer's point of view of work.“I had a choice to write a speech or go for a three-hour surf with Mark Richards. I went for a surf.”

He also poked fun at his coziness with the big names of surfing. “I never got to see Hendrix play, but it's OK because I got to see Rob (Machado) and Kelly (Slater) surf Pipeline.
I never got to see Perry Como or Andy Williams either, but when I watch Rob and Kelly play golf, I think it's the same.”"

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