Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekly News Round-Up

Not much to report this week, other than to update you on some recent events...

- Kat from the Message Pit confirmed that despite 10C previously reporting otherwise, the new DVD 'Immagine In Cornice' will be released in Brazil, which i would assume means that it will be released throughout all South America!

- PJ are fast becoming stars of the videogaming world! Hot on the heels of news that Even Flow will be included in the upcoming release Guitar Hero III, it has been announced that Alive will feature in Singstar Amped!

- According to, both Into The Wild and I'm Not There will premiere at the Telluride Film Festival this weekend, August 31st - September 3.

- On the bootlegs front, The Army Reserve has released two more vault shows, 1993-08-18 Toronto, ON and 1998-09-06 Knoxville, TN, which can be downloaded from the relevant sections of The AR Vault!

- A second recording has surfaced from this years Katowice show, and will eventually be made available on this site. However, in accordance with the tapers wishes, this show will NOT be offered in mp3 format, only FLAC.

- A fan is hosting a London screening of Immagine In Cornice on September 26th. Further Info:

Time: 6.30pm till close
Venue: The Bath House, 96 Dean Street, London, W1D 3TD

The room has a screen with a projector and a surround sound system so we should be able to really give the DVD a nice going over!
As I have previously said myself (melbourneflower) and a fellow jammer will be putting on a lucky door prize where an attendee will win a copy of the DVD to take home with them!!

If you are interested in attending contact melbourneflower at the message pit by PM.

- Thats all for this week!


Yankee GM said...

Katowice not offered in mp3?

Thanks for nothing!

Big Wave Rider said...

Did you even bother to read the post?

1. There is already a source for the Katowice show.

2. It is available in mp3 format.

3. There will be no mp3 in accordance with tapers wishes. Without the taper there would be NO new recording whatsoever.

4. What the fuck is stopping you from downloading the FLAC and converting them to mp3 yourself if you are so desperate for them - let me guess - you don't know how - so i should just do it for you?

Well i wasn't born with the knowledge, i had to figure it out.

Maybe instead of being such a fucking cunt and using that ever so complex webite known as google you could learn to do it yourself.

I have absolutely had it with ungrateful dickheads like you ruining what should be a pleasant experience of sharing some PJ. Well for the indefinite future you can fucking well get your own bootlegs cause i am not supplying them to you any time i the forseeable future.

Yankee GM - thanks for ruining a beautiful thing.

jaymz69 said...

wow thats some rough stuff--probably da roughest Ive seen on this site..I on the contrary am glad that it will be flac format cause I asked U for it some time ago:)
but just to be precise..its chorzow show [katowice was in 2000--and from Ive found out originally there were supposed to be 3 shows in katowice in september 2006 but somehow that didnt happen..sadly]--the 2 cities are immediately close from one another [its like...Ure drivin one street and suddenly the next city starts] but still they are 2 different cities
thanx again for flacs for any shows Uve provided--listenin to mp3 gives me headaches as Ive probably already mentioned:)

Big Wave Rider said...

Yes, it is Chorzcow

Yankee GM said...

Calm down, I was kidding around

mookie_in_eugene said...

yankee gm - if you're being sarcastic then at least use " ;) ". You have to understand what you're writing and how it can be easily misunderstood by EVERYONE. My suggestion is that you stay away from sarcasm.