Monday, September 03, 2007

Into The Wild Spoilers

- Total album length is 33 minutes, mostly acoustic ballads (almost every song consists of guitar & vocals) and is a very beautiful, intense, deep record.

- 'Music from the motion picture Into The Wild' was recorded at Studio X, Seattle, WA by Adam Kasper (who produced Riot Act & Avocado) and was mixed & produced by Adam Kasper & Eddie Vedder.

- 'Hard Sun', as we previously reported, is a song originally written by Indio, recorded by Vedder with Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney.

- 'The Wolf' is written by Jerry Hannan, who also played the guitar and did some vocals on this song.

- On 'Rise', you can hear Ed plays Banjo

- 'End of the road' is an instrumental track.

- The artwork was designed by Brad Klausen & Eddie, and Vedder himself created the album's concept, under the alias 'Jerome Turner'.

- A back cover silhouette photo of Eddie was taken by famous photographer Anton Corbijn

- People thanked in the credits: Jon Krakauer (who wrote the book this movie is based upon), the actor who plays Chris McCandless in the movie (Emile Hirsch), the McCandless family and Brian Dieker. Special thanks to Sean Penn, who directed the movie.

- The record is 'for Jill & Olivia' (Vedder's fiancee & daughter) and is in memory of Chris McCandless.

Source:, Italian Radio 1

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