Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekly News Round-Up

- Ed's Solo Album, Into The Wild, was released in the US on Tuesday! If you haven't bought a copy yet, what have you been doing with your life? Get down to your local record store now! ;)

- If you can't be bothered to leave the house, then you can still get your hands on an extended version on itunes, with 4 bonus tracks:

1. No More
2. Photographs (Instrumental)
3. Here's To The State (Live At VH1 Storytellers)
4. No More (Live In Nijmegan)

- In other Into The Wild news, Ed will appear with Sean Penn on The Charlie Rose Show on Monday at 1:30 on WNED. Check out Charlies website at

- Ed has also fuelled rumors of an impending solo tour of clubs by talking in surfing metaphors in Rolling Stone, saying:

"If you surf fifty-foot waves all the time, you can't try too many new things, because fifty-foot waves are kind of life and death. Playing big shows is like that. So you want to take on some smaller waves to rework or refine what you do, and then take it back to the big surf."

- And finally, Ed continues his mission to single handedly bankrupt us all before Christmas, with the news a release date has been set for the DVD release of the Johnny Ramone documentary, Too Tough To Die. Its 3rd December, and you can pre-order it from almost any major online retailer.

- Remember, next Monday/Tuesday (depending where you live) is the release of the new PJ DVD, Immagine In Cornice, so be sure to grab a copy! If you live in the UK, Into The Wild is released on the same day!

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jaymz69 said...

some time ago I remember a piece of news bout flac version of chorzow show [to which sb reacted the way U didnt like btw] but I cant find either this news bit or the flac links--will there be the flac version at all?