Friday, June 29, 2007

Copenhagen Bootleg Preview....

Love Reign O'er Me:

Thanks to John, and Heather at Fuelfriends

Setlist: 2007-06-28 Goeffert Park, Nijmegen, NED

Main Set:
Release, Go, Hail Hail, World Wide Suicide, Whipping, Do The Evolution, Given To Fly, Not For You/(Improv), Wishlist, Even Flow, Insignificance, Unemployable, Jeremy, Nothingman, Betterman/(Save It For Later), Corduroy, Why Go?
Comatose, Daughter/(W.M.A)/(Another Brick In The Wall Pt. II)/(War), Leash, Rearviewmirror
Encore 2:
No More, Blood, Alive, Rockin' In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter

Setlist: 2007-06-26 The Forum, Copenhagen, DEN

Eddie Solo Pre-Set:
Throw Your Arms Around Me

Main Set:
Long Road, Corduroy, Why Go?, Do The Evolution, In Hiding, Love Boat Captain, Love Reign O'er Me, Severed Hand, Light Years, Marker In The Sand, Given To Fly, Breath, I Am Mine, Small Town, Hard To Imagine, Life Wasted, Porch
No More, World Wide Suicide, Down, Once, Black, Alive
Encore 2:
Betterman/(Save It For Later), Rockin' In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter

Monday, June 25, 2007

News: 2007 Bootleg Update

Currently there are bootlegs of 5 shows (Lisbon - Madrid - Munich - Katowice - Southside) in circulation. The first 3 are available to download from the Army Reserve in FLAC & mp3 with Artwork and Photos.

The Katowice boot that is currently circulating was recorded directly to mp3 format and as such at the moment there are no plans to upload FLACs of this version to the AR as this would be pointless. A second recording of Katowice has surfaced, and will be circulating shortly. If the sound quality is superior to the initial recording then it will be made available on the AR, instead of the current boot. This would be available in FLAC as well as mp3. Southside will also shortly be available.

For those interested, the Nova Rock show was also recorded, and will again be circulating shortly, and thus will be available on the AR. At the current time, there are no known recordings from Wembley, Dusseldorf, or Hurricane.

Finally, please remember it is common courtesy within the trading community to wait until two weeks after a show has passed before requesting a bootleg of it - these shows are being brought to us by tapers who have gone out of their way to bring us these recordings - we are not dealing with basecamp here folks!

Peace & Love,
The AR Team

PS: Petition for Official '07 Boots -

Setlist: 2007-06-24 Hurricane Festival, Scheessel, DEU

Main Set:
Why Go?, Save You, Severed Hand, Grievance, Dissident, (Interstellar Overdrive)/Corduroy, Faithfull, Green Disease, Given To fly, Throw Your Hatred Down, Jeremy, Small Town, Even Flow, Black, Rearviewmirror
Worldwide Suicide, Betterman/(Modern Girl)/(Save It For Later), Life Wasted, Blood, Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter

The AR Vault: Munich Bootleg!

Source Info:
Source: MBHO MBP 603 A / KA 200 N > Sound Devices MP-2 > Edirol R-09
Location: FOB, dead center
Transfer: Master WAVs > Digital Editing > CD Wave Editor V1.95.1 > FLAC
Editing: Volume boost and fades in Steinberg WaveLab V5.01b

Show Info:
Show #3 Of The 2007 European Tour

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Sometimes
03 Porch
04 Why Go?
05 God's Dice
06 Given To Fly
07 Dissident
08 Severed Hand
09 Small Town
10 Sad
11 Unemployable
12 Even Flow
13 I Got Shit
14 Whipping
15 Down
16 Present Tense
17 Save You
18 Rearviewmirror

Disc 2
01 Encore Break
02 Inside Job
03 Do The Evolution
04 Betterman
05 Alive
06 Encore Break
07 No More
08 Footsteps
09 Throw Your Hatred Down
10 Blood
11 Baba O' Riley

Thanks to the taper! Sound Quality is A-/B+

Download Links (FLAC):

Download Link (mp3):

Download Link (Artwork):


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Setlist: 2007-06-23 Southside Festival, Neuhausen Ob Eck, DEU

Main Set:
Go, Do The Evolution, Animal, Corduroy, Worldwide Suicide, Insignificance, Given To Fly, Lukin, Not For You/(Modern Girl), Half Full, Severed Hand, Glorified G, Spin The Black Circle, Life Wasted
Even Flow, Comatose, Why Go?, Alive, Rockin' In The Free World

Friday, June 22, 2007

Setlist: 2007-06-21 ISS Dome, Dusseldorf, DEU

Soundcheck: Breath, You, In My Tree, Rats, Glorified G

Main Set:
Sometimes, Whipping, Brain of J, Do the Evolution, Insignificance, In Hiding, Severed Hand, Sad, I am Mine, Inside Job, Why Go, Daughter, Breath, State of Love and Trust, I'm Open, Come Back, Once, Life Wasted
Encore 1:
I Believe in Miracles, Not For You/Modern Girl, Wasted Reprise, Black, Alive
Encore 2:
Small Town, Given to Fly, Rats, Comatose, Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Photos: 10C Wembley Shots

All Photos By Kerensa Wight

Einat's Diary: 2007-06-16 To 2007-06-19


Nova Rock, Vienna´s large & famous festival which took place between the 15th and 17th of June, this year had entertained at least 30 Israeli music fans at its midst, many showing up specifically to witness their favorite band Pearl Jam - live on stage.

This journey to see Pearl Jam is one you have to venture out on, since the band had never to date performed in Israel, a situation which the Israeli touring fans believe to be turned around - in only a matter of time.

Since all possible means have been exploited from back home, including a petition signed by 4,500 eager names, parties held in honor of the band by the Israeli forum , and several approaches made by big name producers towards boooking a show for the legendary band in Israel - It was time to take the campaighn a step forward and out on tour with the band through their scheduled European shows.

Starting with 3 girls in campaighn uniform in Lisbon, Portugal, and reaching a party of 30 at vienna - armed with flags, signs, gifts for the band and high spirits, the effort had managed to reach the band members on a personal communication level, the hight being recognition by the band´s frontman, Eddie Vedder.

The hype of the Israeli crowd sure got it's moment in the sun during the Nova rock show,
where a big group of us made it to the front row center, holding a huge noticable flag signed by fans back home at one of the forum parties. After one amazing set, When the closing, liberal Rocking In The Free World came on, the big flag was raised and waved high and proud. Another flag read; "PJ to Israel 2007". while Eddie had previously noticed me and recognised me from Munich and prob. earlier back, from the Australian tour last Nov., raising the Israeli flag as if to say "we come in peace" every time they played an anti war anthem, in true spirit of the band. Next thing we know, was that he looked straight at our party, and sent us kisses, it was all sureal and very exciting, some of the fans seeing PJ for the first time ever.

Then, he suddenly took off, tambourine in hand, and jumped off this 7 m. festival stage, he ran toward us, and handed the tambourine directly to me, as if to say "I know who you are, I know how dedicated you all are, arranging all this, I know we never played your country and I won't forget you" It was surely an extatic night, so much thanks to the motivated Israeli guys. This is one night we´ll never forget and I assure - brought us all closer to the first PJ show in Cesaria!

While yesterday, before the London show, I´ve given the gift from the Israeli forum to be handed personaly to the band by their head of security, the show in Holand promisses to be another high point with more than 40 Israelis showing up. So as we say, Lashana Habaa...

With Love from London,
Einat Shaul

Photos: 10C Katowice/Vienna Shots


All Photos by Kerensa Wight

Setlist: 2007-06-18 Wembley Arena, London, UK

Soundcheck: Ghost, Parachutes, Nothing As It Seems, Inside Job

Main Set:
Long Road, Severed Hand, Grievance, Comatose, Given To Fly, Low Light, I Got Shit, Faithfull, Green Disease, Marker In The Sand, Immortality, Down, Present Tense, State Of Love And Trust, Why Go, Save You, Porch
Inside Job, Parachutes, Crazy Mary, Do The Evolution, Alive
Encore 2:
No More, Bu$hleaguer World Wide Suicide, Rockin' In The Free World, Indifference

Setlist: 2007-06-16 Nova Rock Festival, Vienna, Austria

Main Set:
Betterman, Go, Save You, MFC, Given To Fly, Severed Hand, Dissident, Small Town, Corduroy, Even Flow, Light Years, Jeremy, Why Go?, Rearviewmirror,

Do The Evolution, Blood, Porch, Rockin' In The Free World

Thursday, June 14, 2007

News: We're On Holiday

I'm off today to begin my trip to London to see PJ, and as a result, the site will not recieve updates until my return.

We look forward to bringing you up to date with the latest happenings in PJ world, starting again next Wednesday, but until then, have fun!

See you in London,


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Photos: 10C Munich Shots

Ed has a new guitar, Stone continues to sport the pimp hat, Mass jumping and more...

All photos by Kerensa Wight

Setlist: 2007-06-13 Stadion Slaski, Chorzow, Katowice, POL

Main Set:
Rearviewmirror, Animal, Hail Hail, Corduroy, Given To Fly, Worldwide Suicide, Small Town, I Am Mine, Lukin, Even Flow, Comatose, Nothingman, State Of Love And Trust, Spin The Black Circle, Severed Hand
Leatherman, Improv, Daughter/(Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2), Whipping, Black/(We Belong Together), Jeremy
Encore 2:

News: Bits And Bobs...

The new episode of Given To Cast, the podcast dedicated to Pearl Jam, is now available. This weeks 'Our Favourite Show' is San Antonio 2003. I have not yet found time to update the Our Favourite Shows page yet, but i will get round to it, but the current tour and its bootlegs are taking priority at the moment.

In the meantime, check out the latest addition to our links, In The Present Tense, a bootlegs page that offers shows exclusively in FLAC. Currently it has the 2 Katowice shows from 2000, which will give us all a chance to refresh our memories in anticipation ahead of PJ's return to Poland tonight.

Hopefully i'll have a new poll up soon as well, so check back for that.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Setlist: 2007-06-12 Olympiahalle, Munich, DEU

Love Reign O'er Me (Boom Solo), Sad, Sometimes, Inside Job, Love Reign O'er Me, Present Tense, Unemployable, Save You, God's Dice, Gone

Main Set:
Sometimes, Porch, Why Go?, God's Dice, Given To Fly, Dissident, Severed Hand, Small Town, Sad, Unemployable, Even Flow, I Got Shit, Whipping, Down, Present Tense, Save You, Rearviewmirror
Inside Job, Do The Evolution, Betterman/(Save It For Later), Alive
Encore 2:
No More War (Ed Solo), Footsteps, Throw Your Hatred Down, Blood, Baba O' Riley

The AR Vault: Lisbon Boot Now Available!

2007-06-08 Passeio Maritimo Alges, Lisbon, POR

Source Info:
AT943's (cardioids) > SP-SPSB-6 (bass roll-off @ 107Hz) > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 (1/4'' TRS, L, WAV 24bit/48kHz)
Transfer: USB 2.0 > Adobe Audition 2.0 (EQ'ing, fades, hard limiting in clapping sections, artefact correction) > Steinberg Wavelab v5.01b (dither/resample with Apogee UV22HR to 16bit/44.1kHz) > CDWav 1.95 > FLAC Frontend 1.1.4 (FLAC)

Show Info:
Show #1 Of The 2007 European Tour

Disc 1:
01. Interstellar Overdrive
02. Corduroy
03. Do The Evolution
04. Worldwide Suicide
05. Animal
06. Small Town
07. Severed Hand
08. Even Flow
09. Big Wave
10. Daughter
11. State Of Love And Trust
12. Life Wasted
13. Alive, Encore Break
14. Given To Fly

Disc 2:
15. Why Go?
16. Betterman
17. Crazy Mary
18. Rearviewmirror, Encore Break
19. Black
20. Rockin' In The Free World
21. Yellow Ledbetter

Thanks to the taper! Sound Quality is B/B- (Bass is all over the place).

Download Links (FLAC):

Download Link (mp3):

Download Link (Photos, Artwork, Info File):


Photos: 10C Lisbon & Madrid Shots

All Photos by Kerensa Wight

Monday, June 11, 2007

AR Vault: Festimad Show Available!

2007-06-09 Festimad, Madrid, ESP

Source Info:
Source/Gen: FM > WAV [44.1 KHz] > FLAC
Transfer: Denon D-60 > SC-5500p line in > Adobe Audition > CD Wave Editor > Flac Frontend 1.7.1

Show Info:
Show #2 Of The 2007 European Tour

Disc 1
01. Porch
02. Animal
03. Worldwide Suicide
04. Hail Hail
05. Corduroy
06. Small Town
07. Severed Hand
08. Given To Fly
09. Green Disease
10. Even Flow
11. Daughter/(W.M.A.)/(Another Brick in the Wall(Part II))
12. Alive

Disc 2
13. Last Exit
14. Not For You
15. Modern Girl(Tease)
16. Comatose
17. Go
18. Black
19. I Believe In Miracles
20. Baba O'Riley
21. Yellow Ledbetter

I tried to remove the DJs but i don't have the software or ability to do it well, so i have left the files in their original form. Both FLAC & mp3 downloads contain Artwork. Mp3 files are 245 kb/s.

Download Links (FLAC):

Download Link (mp3):


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Einat's Diary: 2007-06-07 To 2007-06-10


This is the motto of the effort I’m leading along with the people of the Israeli PJ forum, to invite the band to play a historical performance in Israel. Some very important political action on our part...

My name is Einat, I’m from Haifa, Israel, and I’m currently living the dream and making up for 14 years of not seeing the band most significant in my life, live on stage. I’m doing that by catching as many shows as I possibly or impossibly can. After 6 in Europe last year, and the whole 12 which took me as far as Australia in November, it’s time for the brief 2007 European tour, 9 shows out of 13 for Me.

What brings a person to go out and see so many shows of the same one band is something that you all must understand and accept, so i see no need for explanations!


No sleep for the past week and I expect not much of it this coming month. I made great use of my 7 hour wait in Madrid before my flight to Lisbon and spread out on the floor near the check-in counter to work on my master piece gift for the band from all the fans in Israel.

We got our campaign shirts ready, our flags, and pumped up to go on tour all across Europe!

Finally after a long day alone on flights to Madrid and to Lisbon, to reach the “Rock in Chiado” restaurant/club and see all familiar faces again was such a good feeling!
Em & Tan who came from Oz, Lovebirds Rita & Carlos, Pedro who was also celebrating his birthday, Sandra & her good old colorful hat, legendary Front row Ellen, I was among friends again, the community, the ones who understand the madness, the best crowd – PJ fans International.

We were rocking all night long and doing some friendly moshing and crowd surfing to the sound of “No Code”, a PJ cover band who granted all our requests and sounded really good! Partying, fueling on Sangria and Super Bock, until the wee hours of the night and all just before a whole day at the festival, with PJ starring last. The big screens in the background were showing Lisbon 2006, one of the best most emotional shows I was lucky to attend, the fact I was about to see them again the next day was overwhelming.


What can I tell you about the show itself?

A 100% Festival set list with no surprises or detours, straight ahead. I & the two coolest pre army girls, Bar & Gal, (who are now ready for Boot Camp ) walked in early without showing our tickets, as we were mistaken for employees of the Festival since us three girls had our “campaign uniform” on (a good tip for fans visiting non English speaking countries), wondering off till we reached PJ´s trailer and making a U turn when we were spotted out... We hung around and survived the front row from the afternoon till midnight when PJ came on.

We made it through all hell and back which is “the Used”, some Portuguese band of cockroaches (Blasted Mechanism) and Linkin Park, which has the worst kind of followers I’ve ever seen... (side tip: even 13 year old can cause you great injury, don´t think twice about fighting back!)

But we made it, and once Master/Slave came on we were holding on the rail, breathing in air and ready to go!

First show of the tour, Stone was wearing a hat and looked like the grandfather I never had, Jeff & Mike were full of Energy and were jumping really high all night long, Eddie was in good spirits and rambled on in Portuguese all night, out of it I understood "fuck Madrid" (good, cause I'm not going there) and “the waves were great today”. All my strength returned to me as they came on stage and Mike noticed me (I was on the left, as always my happy place) and waved “hello there, how are you, and see you again soon...”

We got our Portuguese friends to join in on a "Eddie taase li yeled" chant and it was just funny cause its there, in Portugal, screamed by guys who don’t know what the fuck they’re screaming... Held up the flag during RITFW and Eddie waved a special hello to our party of 3, while I gestured "Come Over" so here the campaign officially begins!

While trying to scream "Congratulations Mike" for the fifth time, we finally gave up and I simply made a cradling motion and the thumbs up and he picked up on it and nodded thank you, that was awesome... Hopefully not too scary for him!

After the show me & Sandra realized we both had the same idea and she was right in front of him as well, no I believe, I´ve learned my lesson about festivals - don´t get in to early... All the songs were preformed very well, nothing really standing out besides them being top form and happy to open another tour!

Crazy Mary though was one of the best with Mike and Boom going on and on and sounding so good together improvising and bouncing off each other (Mike bouncing up and down too...) Mike has a new dog pick, and I’m glad Bar & Gal, who just got their FIRST show, each got one to remember it by forever.


I’ll be seeing the Smashing Pumpkins today, rest a bit and then go on to next stop - Munich! The set list will be improving and the stage will be getting closer! Since I got to say everything at this first night, I decided to simply hold up a sign reading “Where´s Jake?”. Time to get those medium size shirts ready... who is a strong pitcher?


Last night I saw the Smashing Pumpkins for the first time and I really enjoyed it, during the show the Portuguese guys with me had someone relaying the set list from Madrid, crying out every other song we missed in our set, opening with Porch, Green Disease and a WMA tag, I can take it, I've been to Australia, but the Portuguese felt kind of bad, so they'll be all traveling to London and make sure they get theirs over there, I bet we all will.

Tomorrow I fly to Munich, all I can say right now is it's sad to be outside of Portugal, but hey, I'm ready for my next adventure!