Thursday, January 25, 2007

News: Superbowl, Surfing & Shows

Sports Illustrated decided to gauge Jeff's opinion on the outcome of this years Superbowl....

"We'll turn up the amps even louder and yield the floor to Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament, whose band's recent recording of The Who's "Love Reign O'er Me" may be one of the most hauntingly faithful covers in rock history. Writes the Seattle-based rhythm king: "Gotta go with the Colts. Peyton deserves it and I've been a Colts fan since my boy Jim Mora, Sr. coached there ... and I wanna see Peyton do the Super Bowl Shuffle.""


Eddie has been spotted back on the beaches of Hawaii hanging out with none other than legendary surfer Kelly Slater (who joined PJ onstage twice last year) and A-list Superstar Cameron Diaz! Check out the pics....

Finally, we seem to be getting closer to shows being announced...

Katowice - "Due to time zone differences and announcement schedules, you areright, it does not leave the Ten Club enough time for a "pre-sale." However,rest assured that when the tour is officially announced (very soon) therewill be an opportunity for fan club members to attend the Katowice show.Please be patient with us and know that we are working for you!"

Fenway - "Is it possible Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam will play at Fenway next summer? Theo Epstein didn't rule it out after Sunday's Hot Stove, Cool Music concert. "We're working on it," said the Sox GM, who's a serious fan of the Seattle rockers."

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