Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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When i initiallly read this on the Message Pit, i was touched by the generosity of the PJ community, but realised that by posting it here, it may reach a larger audience. Anything you give will be greatly appreciated.

PJ-Sin posted:

"To all my fellow Pearl Jam fans,
For years now I have loved Pearl Jam. My husband (PJ-Sin) goes absolutely insane over them. Unfortunately, in previous years we have become crazy about something else too. In 2003, my late husband Patrick and I took our three year old daughter to her first concert. She loved it. Looking back at the pictures now I can see the small cyst that later that year in September was diagnosed as cancer. As if this wasn't bad enough, one month later my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Our life became one big hospital visit with both of them undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Mackenzie was able to struggle through in and in December of 2004 she was pronounced to be in remission with little chance of recurrence. Her father was not so lucky, He lost his battle after eight months.
Mackenzie and I have gone through the last few years relying heavily on friends and family and were lucky enough to find a man that loved us both. He actually encouraged me to post on this site because he believes so much in Pearl Jam fans. Imagine my surprise though when I woke her up for school in August and saw an enormous lump on her thigh. I knew right away what it was and as it turned out I was right. Her cancer had returned worse than before and much larger.
I always promised that if she lost her hair again I would set aside my own vanity and shave mine as well. I am going to get my chance this March 3rd when I will be participating in an event called St. Baldricks. It is a national organization that's motto is "Be Brave and Shave"
How it works is people like myself sign up to become "shavee's". Then we get people to sponsor us to shave our heads. All the money goes to help find a cure for childhood cancer. This is a very important event. Mackenzie is receiving treatment at a hospital that is part of the Children's Oncology Group along with St. Judes and others. These are considered research hospitals and the funds raised will help immensely. You are able to find out more about this event at www.stbaldricks.org.
You can donate on line, by phone, or send directly to me. The web site is very easy to navigate. When you get on you are able to search by shavee. My name is Shana Abrams and my shavee number is 15339253. Or you can look at the children honored. My daughters name is Mackenzie Woelbling.
The event we are participating in is being held at Helen Fitzgeralds in Missouri on March 3rd 2007. Please at least take the time to look. The site is filled with so many facts and you will be able to see exactly where your money is going.
Seeing as there is a contest between participants to see who can raise money I ask that when you donate please list my name as the shavee. That way I will get credit for raising funds. also, if you wish you are able to contact me at shanadw@hotmail.com and I can send you a packet of information as well as my daughters pictures.
Too many children are dying from cancers we don't have cures for. You are able to help.

Key Info:
Website: www.stbaldricks.org
Shana's Shavee No: 15339253

Thank you for taking a minute from your day to help a fellow fan, it speaks great volumes about the compassion within our community we have for one another.


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