Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bootleg: 1995-09-14 Pan American Center, Las Cruces, NM

Show Info:
1995 Vitalogy Tour Show
Attendance: 8,000
Support Act: The Ramones

Main Set:
Release, Last Exit, Spin the Black Circle, Animal, Tremor Christ, Corduroy, Whipping, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Why Go, Jeremy, Go, Dissident, Satan's Bed, Daughter/(I'm One), Even Flow, Rearviewmirror, I Got Shit, Immortality, Black, Porch,
Betterman, Alive, Blood, Footsteps, Yellow Ledbetter

Show Notes: Ed thanks everyone for coming and being able to find an "alternative date" (referencing the rescheduling of this stretch of shows). After 'Dissident,' Ed says, "We're just gonna try this one" leading to a funky, hard version of 'Satan's Bed.' Stone's comment afterward: "Well!" 'I'm One' (from Quadrophenia) is the 'Daughter' tag. 'Even Flow' is a rousting version with an extended guitar jam, leading to a super 'RVM' and a sweet 'I Got Shit.' During the encore, Ed says, "You all got school tomorrow? There's too many of you to write notes for!"

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Source Info:
Source: Nakamichi CM700 -> Sony TCD-D7
Generation: DAT(M) -> DAT(2) 44.1khz -> FLAC
Transfer: DA-20 -> Monster coax -> DiO 2496 -> CEP 2.1 -> CDWave -> FLAC

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