Monday, January 22, 2007

Bootleg: 1995-07-11 Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

Show Info:
1995 Vitalogy Tour Show
Attendance: 47,000
Support Acts: Otis Rush, Bad Religion

Main Set:
Release, Go, Last Exit, Spin The Black Circle, Tremor Christ, Corduroy, Whipping, I Got Shit, Dissident, Even Flow, Improv, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(This Boy)/(The Real Me)/(W.M.A.)/(ABitW-II), Animal, Habit, Jam/Lukin, Not for You, Little Wing (Teaser), Small Town, Immortality, Alive, Porch
Encore 1:
Everyday People (w/Brendan O' Brien), Let My Love Open The Door (w/Brendan O' Brien), Better Man, Rearviewmirror, Black, Blood
Encore 2:
Yellow Ledbetter

Show Notes: First night Monkeywrench broadcast the show through the radio. The crowd is pumped, with people crowdsurfing even during Otis Rush's set. Cool 'Tommy' riff after 'Lukin.' 'Black' lyrics are altered from "sun" to "moon" and Ed gestures to the full moon above the stadium. He jokes, "There's some fancy people in the skybox ... they're blinking to us, sending us a message up there." The crowd boos and he tells them not to get angry: "... you know life has a way of working itself out, you know? Think about this for a sec, right? These are the rich, fancy people, right? They got all the luxury, right? Looks to me, like they're the farthest ones away from the stage and they're behind a fuckin' window ... you hang in the trenches long enough, it pays off ..."
Ed destroys his black Telecaster featuring the "skateboarding is not a crime" bumpersticker, smashing it against his mic stand. Producer Brendan O'Brien joins the band on keyboard for a surprising 'Everyday People' (a Sly and the Family Stone song) and then 'Let My Love Open The Door.' First lightning and later, fireworks, filled the sky this night.
Amazing setlist and long performance with the pressure on in an intimidating venue.

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Source Info:
Mix of: MWFM > Bootleg CD / Q101 promoCD (Animal) + CSB > DAT
Source: Mix Master > SHN (no DAE of the final mix) > foobar2000 0.8.3 (converted and bitverified identical) > FLAC

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