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News: New Year Round-Up

There have been a few murmerings in the way of PJ in the last week or so, so incase you missed them...

The Music Scene Newsletter who came up with the 3-DVD set news had this to say:
More developments on the PEARL JAM front. As reported by MusicScene late last year, the band has revealed their plans to release a 3-DVD set covering their mammoth 2006 World Tour.
We can confirm that the set will be a compilation-style format, much like their previous DVD release 'Touring Band 2000' (2000). The box set will hit stores sometime in May.
We are also excited to announce that they will return to the stage for an exclusive string of European and US shows in mid-2007!
To open their return of Europe, PEARL JAM will make their third appearance at the Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands in May, followed by slots at the Rock Im Park and Rock Am Ring Festivals in Germany. A
fter winding their way up through Denmark, Sweden and Poland they will be ready to rock the UK for four huge shows, concluding in London on June 21st.
We understand that a number of major venues in cities along the US East and South-East coast, including Tampa, West Palm and Atlanta, have been booked by the band. More details soon.

RockinTown reports Pearl Jam has won "Best Rock Band of the Year" and "Greatest Rock Band of All-Time" in's ( ) annual poll. In addition, Pearl Jam's debut album "Ten" was named the "Best Rock Album of All-Time."
For the first time, asked rock music fans to select the "Best Rock Band of the Year." To be eligible, a group had to release an album of original material between October 2005 and December 2006.
This was the most contested category in the RockinTown polling with 40,000 votes cast. Thirty-five groups were nominated. Evanescence and My Chemical Romance traded the lead before Pearl Jam took control finishing with just under 10% of the vote.
"It was Pearl Jam's hard rock verses the emo leanings of Evanescence and My Chemical Romance," said Ian Lord, RockinTown's managing editor. "Pearl Jam fans were on a mission."

PR Newswire also had good news as PJ won the Greatest Band of All-Time honor with just over 7% of 30,000 votes. In 2005, Nirvana walked away with the title nailing 33% of the vote. "Pearl Jam fans seemed to thrive, almost defiantly, on their self- perceived underdog status," said Lord.
Pearl Jam is the last major Grunge-era band left standing. Pioneering heavy metal group, Led Zeppelin, finished #2 with just under 6% of the vote. "They always land in the Top 3 but they can never quite make it to #1," said Lord. Green Day was next with 5.5% of the vote. Nirvana dropped to #6. Rounding out the Top 10 were The Beatles (#9) and Elvis Presley (#10).
"It's a credit to their artistry and staying power that they still have a place in the Top 10," said Lord.
About mid-year, Pearl Jam's "Ten" displaced Nirvana's "Nevermind" as the Greatest Rock Album and never looked back. "Ten," released just prior to Nirvana's landmark album, eventually sold more copies than "Nevermind." For the first time, AC/DC's "Black In Black" made the list landing at #3, behind "Nevermind."

And Ten Club, with touring over for a few months at least, went back to doing what they do best, posting cryptic messages on the official site, saying that "It's been a great ride - from crossing Canada, going "down under" in both hemishperes, getting reacquainted with the Old Country, going coast-to-coast here at home and of course, a couple of weeks in paradise to end it up - and now a well-deserved break for the holidays.
Some of us are shaking out the cobwebs and getting the headquarters warmed up for what we're hoping will be another great year. So aloha and mahalo to you all."

The message pit is full of explanations for this with everything from another Vault release to a song on the new Spiderman sontrack being rumored..

Finally, some news on the Deep Magazine front:
1) If you live in Europe, expect to see Deep coming through your door any day now, certainly within the next fortnight.
2) If you live in the US and haven't recieved Deep yet, theres a fair chance you've been forgotten or the Post Office have lost it, so you should probably send 10C an e-mail.
3) As a result of these delays, the Deep competition deadline has been extended by a month.

Oh, and if you are involved in the trading community, there are Vegas and Cincinnati '06 DVDs surfacing, as well as an upgraded 92 show, so keep your eyes peeled....

Happy New Year,

Big Wave Rider

PS: New bootlegs will be going up soon, keep checking back....

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