Monday, January 08, 2007

News: '07 Bootleg Releases

With X-mas and New Year over, we've had a bit of time to rest and recuperate, and now its time to start sharing again!

As always, we should start by pointing out that no officially released (basecamp) shows will ever be made available to download here, so please do not request them.

Second of all, is the issue of mp3 downloads. While for now we offer mp3 downloads of shows in addition to lossless FLACs, this is always subject to change should people not obey this simple rule:
Concert downloads in mp3 format are for your own personal use and listening pleasure, but under no circumstances are they acceptable to use in trading circumstances. If participating in a trade always download the FLAC version of the show, and use the FLAC version in your trade. All mp3 files will be tagged with a message to help enforce this. Thank you for your co-operation.

Now, onto the good news...

The Army Reserve will be resuming the download series of the 1995 USA Vitalogy Tour, of which there are a total of 22 shows, at the tail end of this week. As always each show will come with hand crafted artwork, specific to each show.

Once the 1995 US tour is completed, we will move onto the 1998 Yield tour, which had a huge majority backing in a recent Army Reserve poll. It'll take us a while, but with the Artwork almost completed, we will offer the Hawaii/Australian and both North American legs of the tour.

So enjoy the shows, and keep checking back.


Anonymous said...

thanks soooo much for sharing the 98 tour... there were so many stellar shows... i can't wait

Big Wave Rider said...

Always a pleasure, you're welcome :)