Friday, December 01, 2006

Update: FLAC Bootlegs

It has come to my attention that in order for many of you to download the bootlegs on this site which were made available in FLAC format, you would have to sign up for a premium account with Megaupload.

However, this seems unfair, and although there is no personal gain for the site when you do this, i do not think you should have to pay to obtain bootlegs.

As a result, instead of having the FLAC files in one large RAR file, shows will be split into 4 or 5 smaller RAR files, each with a seperate download link, which will allow you to enjoy the best band in the world, in the best quality of recording available for that show, for no cost whatsoever.

This post will be updated when a show has been 'split', so keep checking back...

Big Wave Rider

Now Split:
1996-16-06 Casper Events Center, Casper, WY
Download Links:

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