Monday, December 04, 2006

News: Rolling Stone Award

Pearl Jam Is American Rock Band Of 2006

You voted, we tabulated (it’s slow work with an abacus). The tallies are in and Pearl Jam takes the title of Best American Band of ‘06 by a wide margin. In second place we have Red Hot Chili Peppers. My Morning Jacket comes in at numero treis. Tied for fourth (and demonstrating the weird and wonderful variety of tastes y’all have) are the Strokes and Tool. Rounding out the mix at number five: TV on the Radio. Impressive!

The final step of this little project is the one in which we ask you to submit your votes for awesomest Pearl Jam song so that we might give you a present in the form of a Best of PJ mixtape for your listening pleasure. Thanks for playing!


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Susano said...

I read your idea in the message pit you should put a mini poul in your blog with the question 92 or 98. I will vote 98. Very nice blog you got. Thanks for wall the Bootlegs