Friday, December 22, 2006

News: PJ 99% Confirmed To Play Pinkpop!

Well, only a week after the 06 tour has ended, we are pleased to inform you, the first show of 2007 has been '99%' announced..
- Go to Friday 22 december and click on 09.00am-10.00am button.
- When media player opens you need to go to the time: 39:08 !!!!!


A Guy is waiting in front of the window of the glass house where the radio-station is broadcasting from (for a good cause). The DJ walks up to him to ask him what he wants to donate...the part of the conversation on PJ goes like this:

Guy: Goodmorning Giel (=DJ), I wanna give you money for a request. Because we are from
DJ: Oh yeah.
Guy: And you said it wednesday already, you confirmed Maria Mena for Pinkpop..
DJ: yeah..
Guy: and the Lost Prophets. The Lost Prophets have indeed themselves said this about 5 times during their concert. But we would like to add something to that...Pearl Jam...
Guy:...we are confirming them!
DJ: No!..
Guy: Yes!
DJ: You are kidding me?!
GUY: No!..its true. So we collected 115 euros for ah..
DJ: You are sure about this hee?!!!
Guy: yes I am sure..99% sure!
DJ: WOW, Pearl Jam on Pinkpop people! Thats has been a long time ago! Old times relive (haha ) !
Guy: Yes, so its 115 Euro for a Pearl Jam song..Black.
DJ: Yeah, thats is clear...I will play it. Super, thanks man.

Awesome, huh?


Susano said...

Happy birthday to Eddie

Susano said...

In Portugal it's already 23

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I was wondering if you'd like to do an interview for my podcast. Please email me.