Monday, December 04, 2006

News: Deep Magazine On The Way

All 10C members should get excited, the new issue of Deep Magazine is beginning to hit letterboxes up and down the west coast, so keep checking your mail for that special little package (Note: If you don't live in the US, you might not want to start checking for another month or so ;) ) to put a smile on your face!


If you just can't wait for the little beauty, here is a list of contents of the new issue:

Deep Magazine
Vol. 1 Issue 2

1. Four Letters from fans.
2. McCready Rant on Europe (3 Pages)
3. Cameron Rant (Just a Paragraph)
4. Vedder Rant on "The Flute of Shame"
5. Banter of the Bands (Ament's Q&A with Jim of MMJ)
6. Numbers by Lance Mercer (Stats about his 5x1 Book)
7. Flat Out Folked by Kerri Harrop (Seattle Writer and Friend of the band)
8. Section called Act of Love, it's a breakdown of what charities were supported on the USA LEGS of the tour.
9. Cause and Effect (Page about Carbon Portfolio Strategy)
10. Recipes For Life (A recipe from Pearl Jam's Traveling chef)
11. Contest 1 Winner (LeAnn Mercer)
12. Contest 2 Info (Arts and Craft with the use of Avocado Pit(s) )
13. 10Club Information/Addresses/Renewal Page
14. A letter to the BOYS from the Chairman of the Board of the California Avocado Commission.
15. 11 Pages of Concert Photos from Kerensa
16. Goods Section (with 3 new shirts: an Ocean Pacific type hawaiian shirt, Blackgold (Oil Stain shirt), and a Ladies Devil T)
17. A two sided foldout band poster (one side has the band, the other has what appears to be Ed working on a Setlist)


Ondrej said...

I sent money for the renewal yesterday .. european postal style ... hope i will catch the x-mas single at least :)


PS: Next time i will hit the grace period, i promise you PJ :D

Anonymous said...

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