Monday, June 25, 2007

The AR Vault: Munich Bootleg!

Source Info:
Source: MBHO MBP 603 A / KA 200 N > Sound Devices MP-2 > Edirol R-09
Location: FOB, dead center
Transfer: Master WAVs > Digital Editing > CD Wave Editor V1.95.1 > FLAC
Editing: Volume boost and fades in Steinberg WaveLab V5.01b

Show Info:
Show #3 Of The 2007 European Tour

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Sometimes
03 Porch
04 Why Go?
05 God's Dice
06 Given To Fly
07 Dissident
08 Severed Hand
09 Small Town
10 Sad
11 Unemployable
12 Even Flow
13 I Got Shit
14 Whipping
15 Down
16 Present Tense
17 Save You
18 Rearviewmirror

Disc 2
01 Encore Break
02 Inside Job
03 Do The Evolution
04 Betterman
05 Alive
06 Encore Break
07 No More
08 Footsteps
09 Throw Your Hatred Down
10 Blood
11 Baba O' Riley

Thanks to the taper! Sound Quality is A-/B+

Download Links (FLAC):

Download Link (mp3):

Download Link (Artwork):



mookie_in_eugene said...

Easily your most bold attempt at album art. Bravo!

Big Wave Rider said...

Thanks mookie. The artwork for the next two shows should be even more provocative however...

BK said...

Hey bwr, are there any fades on this download at the end of d1 and the beginning of d2? Just curious.