Monday, June 25, 2007

News: 2007 Bootleg Update

Currently there are bootlegs of 5 shows (Lisbon - Madrid - Munich - Katowice - Southside) in circulation. The first 3 are available to download from the Army Reserve in FLAC & mp3 with Artwork and Photos.

The Katowice boot that is currently circulating was recorded directly to mp3 format and as such at the moment there are no plans to upload FLACs of this version to the AR as this would be pointless. A second recording of Katowice has surfaced, and will be circulating shortly. If the sound quality is superior to the initial recording then it will be made available on the AR, instead of the current boot. This would be available in FLAC as well as mp3. Southside will also shortly be available.

For those interested, the Nova Rock show was also recorded, and will again be circulating shortly, and thus will be available on the AR. At the current time, there are no known recordings from Wembley, Dusseldorf, or Hurricane.

Finally, please remember it is common courtesy within the trading community to wait until two weeks after a show has passed before requesting a bootleg of it - these shows are being brought to us by tapers who have gone out of their way to bring us these recordings - we are not dealing with basecamp here folks!

Peace & Love,
The AR Team

PS: Petition for Official '07 Boots -


Bartek said...

Regarding the 2nd Katowice source, are you referring to this one:
or there is something else?


Big Wave Rider said...

something else

bartek said...

Ok, that's cool - it looks like we'll have at least three sources.

Anonymous said...

I understand that pretty soon copenhagen will be up on torrent sites too. Not sure what format. Now.. Wembley and Dusseldorf and we'll be happy!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the work you've gone to on the first three shows... but unfortunately the artwork for show #2 is not listed on the page. Is it available elsewhere on the site? I've been looking for the Madrid artwork.

Anyway, Munich was great. I'm crossing my fingers that the other German show (Dusseldorf) finds its way into circulation sometime soon. But I am pleased overall with what -AR- has provided us.

Anonymous said...

Nijmegen Boot?

Anonymous said...

Could someone please upload the last flac part of the Dusseldorf show? Really appreciate it ! Thanks