Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Einat's Diary: 2007-06-16 To 2007-06-19


Nova Rock, Vienna´s large & famous festival which took place between the 15th and 17th of June, this year had entertained at least 30 Israeli music fans at its midst, many showing up specifically to witness their favorite band Pearl Jam - live on stage.

This journey to see Pearl Jam is one you have to venture out on, since the band had never to date performed in Israel, a situation which the Israeli touring fans believe to be turned around - in only a matter of time.

Since all possible means have been exploited from back home, including a petition signed by 4,500 eager names, parties held in honor of the band by the Israeli forum , and several approaches made by big name producers towards boooking a show for the legendary band in Israel - It was time to take the campaighn a step forward and out on tour with the band through their scheduled European shows.

Starting with 3 girls in campaighn uniform in Lisbon, Portugal, and reaching a party of 30 at vienna - armed with flags, signs, gifts for the band and high spirits, the effort had managed to reach the band members on a personal communication level, the hight being recognition by the band´s frontman, Eddie Vedder.

The hype of the Israeli crowd sure got it's moment in the sun during the Nova rock show,
where a big group of us made it to the front row center, holding a huge noticable flag signed by fans back home at one of the forum parties. After one amazing set, When the closing, liberal Rocking In The Free World came on, the big flag was raised and waved high and proud. Another flag read; "PJ to Israel 2007". while Eddie had previously noticed me and recognised me from Munich and prob. earlier back, from the Australian tour last Nov., raising the Israeli flag as if to say "we come in peace" every time they played an anti war anthem, in true spirit of the band. Next thing we know, was that he looked straight at our party, and sent us kisses, it was all sureal and very exciting, some of the fans seeing PJ for the first time ever.

Then, he suddenly took off, tambourine in hand, and jumped off this 7 m. festival stage, he ran toward us, and handed the tambourine directly to me, as if to say "I know who you are, I know how dedicated you all are, arranging all this, I know we never played your country and I won't forget you" It was surely an extatic night, so much thanks to the motivated Israeli guys. This is one night we´ll never forget and I assure - brought us all closer to the first PJ show in Cesaria!

While yesterday, before the London show, I´ve given the gift from the Israeli forum to be handed personaly to the band by their head of security, the show in Holand promisses to be another high point with more than 40 Israelis showing up. So as we say, Lashana Habaa...

With Love from London,
Einat Shaul


Peace said...

Now, focus your energy on fighting for peace between Isreal, Palestina, Lebanon and other neighbour countries. Once your land will be a peaceful and safe place bringin' Pearl Jam for a show there will be much easier.

Keep on rockin'

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