Friday, June 08, 2007

News: Ed In New The Who Documentary

"Hello everyone.

I would like to introduce myself to you all - my name is Paul Crowder.

I am very honoured to have joined the fantastic production team that is making The Who documentary. I am working as Editor and Co-Director alongside Director and Co Producer Murray Lerner, Producer Nigel Sinclair, and of course The Who production team, to help bring this Amazing Journey to its conclusion.

It is a fantastic opportunity, and one I could have only dreamed of a short while ago. For a start, I am a huge Who fan and an ex-drummer. I always tried to play like Keith Moon. Those sensibilities found their way into some of my past editing work, and will hopefully do so again on this project. Some of you may know of my other films: check out for credits, if you’re interested.
Okay - formalities out the way - I am sure you are all eager to hear how the project is coming along.

Over the last couple of months, Murray has been busily adding various extra interviews to the film. I also conducted some new interviews earlier this August.Murray’s new interviewees include: John Entwistle’s Mum, Queenie; Keith Moon’s Mum, Kit; John’s first wife, Alison; John’s son, Chris; Keith’s sister, Leslie; as well as Glyn Johns, Mike Shaw, Harvey Goldsmith, Eddie Vedder, and Sting. I have interviewed The Edge, Noel Gallagher, and a second sitting with Roger Daltrey. These interviewees are helping to tell the band’s story for the screen.

As time proceeds, keep an eye out for little sneak peaks - we may even be able to give you an exclusive, early look at some footage…"


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