Wednesday, February 14, 2007

News: PJ In New DVD

From Dallas Morning News:

"After Innocence

Imagine being locked up for crimes you didn't commit. You're released after several years when DNA tests prove your innocence. What do you feel? What do you do?
This documentary tracks the cases of seven men who were freed after DNA tests revealed they shouldn't have gone away in the first place.
The circumstances should sound familiar; 12 incarcerated Dallas County men have been exonerated through DNA tests over the last five years. What's amazing about those exonerated in After Innocence is their lack of bitterness. They're glad to be free, and eager to help others who have been wrongfully imprisoned.
BEST EXTRA: Lots to choose from. But we'll go with two subjects of the film, Vincent Moto and Wilton Dedge, rocking out with Pearl Jam.
BOTTOM LINE: The film could benefit from more specific info about each case, but it's still a powerful journey designed to make a difference."

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