Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bootleg: 1998-03-02 Melbourne Park, Melbourne, AUS

Show Info:
1998 Yield Tour Show
Set Length: 110min
Support Act: Shudder To Think

Main Set:
Long Road, Do The Evolution, Animal, Hail Hail, Dissident, Even Flow, Faithful, MFC, Corduroy, Wishlist, Jeremy, Daughter/(Trouble), Given To Fly, Last Exit, Off He Goes, Rearviewmirror, Not for You, Black, Alive
Brain Of J, Betterman, Smile
Encore 2:
Rockin' In The Free World

Show Notes: A crowd pleasing setlist with stagediving occurring during 'Corduroy' and 'Jeremy' (uncommon in Australia now). The lead singer from Shudder to Think helps out on the "hallelujah" vocals on 'Do the Evolution.' Problems with the 'Wishlist' lyrics seemingly continue to plague Ed.
During 'Alive,' with the audience singing rather than Ed, he pulls a fan onstage from the intense pit. Ed dances with the fan, gives him what appears to be his stage pass (or a pick?), the fan thanks the whole band (including a kiss to Mike's cheek) and pushes the stage pass into the face of the security people before heading off stage.
The 'RitFW' encore is prefaced by Ed saying that they won't do another song until everyone raises their middle fingers on the count of three and shouts "Shudder to Think" in their "perfect Aussie diction." (Apparently this was done as a reference to openers, Shudder to Think, who encourage the crowd to do this.)

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Source Info:
Countryman Isomax II > Sony TCD-D100 (2' from left stacks) > CD-R > EAC V0.9b4 > WAV > mkwact > shn > foobar2000 0.8.3 (converted and bitverified identical) > FLAC


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