Tuesday, February 13, 2007

News: Donation Update

Hey guys,

Just to remind you that there is still plenty of time to donate to St. Baldricks before our March competition deadline - remember every little helps!

From The Wishlist Foundation:
The Wishlist Foundation has donated $500 to Shana & Laura's shaving for Mackenzie. And also has the offer of awarding one Ward Sutton 11/18/06 Sydney Australia Special Edition poster to the Pearl Jam fan who donates the most to this cause. These posters are pretty rare and sell for $$$$ on eBay, and Steve Wright from the NW CCFA has given us the green light to donate this for Shana, Laura & Mackenzie.
Helping others and helping to support organizations that fight terrible diseases like cancer should be motivation enough for people to donate and help out - but we thought we could add a little extra incentive.
So.. donate now! http://www.stbaldricks.org/participa...ml?ShaveeID=20

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