Friday, August 03, 2007

Pearl Jam Rocks The Vic With Rarities Setlist

Soundcheck: I Am Mine, Sad, Love, Reign O'er Me, Tremor Christ, Undone, Worldwide Suicide, Off He Goes, Parachutes, Education

Main Set:
All Or None, Education, Sad, In Hiding, Parachutes, I'm Open, Wishlist, Down, Undone, Off He Goes, Hard To Imagine, God's Dice, World Wide Suicide, Rats, Gone, Why Go?

1st Encore:
No More (Ed Solo), Inside Job, Low Light, Love Reign O'er Me

2nd Encore:
Comatose, Black Diamond, Sonic Reducer

3rd Encore:
Indifference (w/Ben Harper)

Dirty Frank was on the setlist but not played. Black Diamond is a Kiss cover, performed with Matt on lead vocals.


JMacNiven said...

That setlist is amazing, hopefully a boot will surface soon. Love the site keep up the amazing work. I linked you guys on my blog


Michael said...

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.


Anonymous said...

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