Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mike On PJ's Immeadiate Future

A lucky fan who met Mike McCready by chance on Monday was able to quiz him on PJ's plans for the future:

"We have nothing planned, we are tired and want to be with our families. We plan to go back into the studio in April."

Looks like we're in for a long winter...

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Shawn said...

Long winter indeed! I love seeing Pearl Jam in concert, but at the expense of a new CD, I think I could do without them touring so much.

Back in the day, the Beatles and Stones turned out new albums every year, sometimes two in a year. Those albums were not over-produced and they didn't spend months tweaking them to be just right, and think of the amazing number of hits those bands cranked out... I bet that Pearl Jam's music doesn't need much post production work to sound great.

Do you all think that (if possible) it would be better for them to make more CDs, or continue to tour a lot and put out a CD every 3-4 years...?