Saturday, May 26, 2007

News: More Than Ten Website

I have added a new link to a website which i came across a week or so ago, called More Than Ten.

The site intends to explore every Pearl Jam song ever written in detail, and offer some fascinating insights into some favourites, as well as obscure b-sides and covers, and has made me go back and listen to many of these songs again, and allowed me to hear them in a different light, which can only be a good thing.

Here are a few words fom the site author, Corduroy13:

"I am thrilled that there are already a handful of Pearl Jam fans reading this young blog, and responding in agreement or disagreement. As some of the responses have been concerned by my criticism, I want to make a brief explanatory note about what I hope this blog will and will not be.

Music critics vs. Diehard Fans: I believe it’s possible to be both. I am both a music critic who has written extremely favorably about Pearl Jam for an online culture magazine (reviews of Lost Dogs and the self-titled record), and a passionate fan who has collected every possible scrap of the band’s music since the days of Ten. I don’t love every song they’ve ever written, and I believe I can still be honest about the flaws of the songs I love. This blog is being written purely for fun, and the best part about it is the chance to hear other fans respond with their opinions.

The style is always going to be a mixture of fandom and criticism. This has already irked some readers who would rather it be more professionally critical, or more unabashedly fanatical. I already have outlets for both of those writing styles, and am more interested in trying to fuse them. If the mixture’s a little awkward right out of the gates, bear with me. If I don’t always adhere to Strunk & White, bear with me. If I dis your favorite song, bear with me (and then dis mine). But above all, thank you for reading!"

Go check it out now, at

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