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News: AR Vault Special Release

Now Available:
1994-04-10 Boston Garden, Boston, MA
1994-04-11 Boston Garden, Boston, MA
1994-04-12 Opheum Theater, Boston, MA

In April 1994, Pearl Jam went through one of the most turbulent periods of their entire career. The Grunge phenomenon had reached its peak, and in support of their 2nd album, Vs., barely a night went by on the closing leg of their album tour without the band making reference to the fact that they despised being 'icons' and 'poster-boys' for the MTV generation. They had stopped making music videos, and would grant interviews only to friends such as Cameron Crowe, who they felt would represent them fairly, instead of try to present them as the media wanted them to be seen.

On the 7th of April, the bands' lives would be forever altered when it was announced that the body of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain had been discovered at his Seattle home. Cobain's death left the band as the leaders of the Grunge generation, and the media pressure (On Eddie in particular) intensified as all eyes turned on them.

At first it was too much; the band considered cancelling all remaining tour dates and flying home, and Vedder destroyed his hotel room in a fit of rage and despair.

But they pulled together, and within days hit Boston for 3 dates that would signal the end of the Vs. tour (excluding a TV appearance for SNL and a fanclub only show in NYC). The band would play 2 of the last shows at the famous Boston Garden, before it was demolished, and follow it with a smaller show at the Orpheum Theater. These are widely agreed to be 3 of the best shows the band has ever played.

Often as a live act, the band is split historically into shows pre and post 1998. Before, the shows are often described as more youthful and energetic, but the word that appears most often when earlier performances are discussed is intensity. This is never more accurate than when describing 'The Boston Trilogy'.

Throughout the 3 nights Eddie mocks fans who chant his name, and chastises those who look at him as a hero. The band perform almost their entire catalogue, including hits (such as Jeremy and Even Flow), B-sides (Alone & Hard To Imagine), new songs from the then unreleased Vitalogy (Tremor Christ, Corduroy, Not For You) and a handful of covers by artists ranging from Dead Boys to Neil Young to The Beatles. Many of the songs would dissapear from the setlists for years afterwards (Breath wasn't played again until '98, Dirty Frank until '06!) while others would become extremely rare for years (Rats, Why Go?).

Now you can download these 3 shows and experience Pearl Jam at its raw, aggressive best. The shows are available in FLAC format and mp3s. Each of the shows also has CD artwork and source information, which you may download if you so wish. Download links are found at the bottom of the post.


Night 1 (Boston Garden)
Main Set:
Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My)/(W.M.A.), State of Love and Trust, Garden, Blood, Black, Alive, Porch
Encore 1:
Once, Rearviewmirror, Not for You
Encore 2:
Small Town, Leash, Yellow Ledbetter

Night 2 (Boston Garden)
Main Set:
Release, Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Animal, Dissident, State of Love and Trust, Breath, Blood, Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My), Why Go?, Improv/Jeremy, Even Flow, Black, Alive, Porch/(Tearing), Rats, Immortality, Corduroy, Garden, Leash
Rockin' in the Free World, Happy Trails, Indifference

Night 3 (Orpheum Theater)
Main Set:
Oceans, Even Flow, Sonic Reducer, State of Love and Trust, Hard to Imagine, Immortality/(Hey Hey, My My), Go, Animal, Glorified G, Daughter/(Suck You Dry), Alone, Not for You, Better Man, Rats, Blood
Release, Tremor Christ, Once, Fuckin' Up, Dirty Frank, Yellow Ledbetter, Improv, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, I've Got a Feeling

Download Links (FLAC):

Night 1

Night 2

Night 3

Download Links (mp3):

Night 1

Night 2

Night 3

Download Links (Artwork):

Night 1

Night 2

Night 3

Enjoy these recordings, and remember, only FLAC format is acceptable when participating in trades.


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Hi- just wanted to let you know if you hadn't seen it but somebody has posted the links and show info (verbatim I may add) on the bootlegs section of Pearl jam america- FYI

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