Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Help! The Army Reserve Needs You!

As we're sure you're all aware, Pearl Jam hits the road in June to begin another trek through Europe!

We are currently in the process of developing a tour page for the site, which will chronicle the '07 leg of the Avocado tour, and we want you to contribute!

If you are going to any (or all) of the European shows, get in touch and let us know if you would be interested in sharing your experiences with us - you could write a review of the show, tell us about your trip to see the band (whether they are playing in your backyard, or if you've undertaken a transatlantic journey to see them), tell us about the city they are playing in, share photos, videos, recordings, whatever, we are interested in hearing from you.

We are also interested in hearing about your experience of a PJ show from different perspectives, for example the contrasting views of someone who is 16 as opposed to 56, or someone who is seeing PJ for the first time as opposed to the 100th!

Anyway, at the risk of rambling on, to get in contact with us e-mail us at thearmyreserve@hotmail.co.uk and put 'Live In Europe' as the title header.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

PS: For those who are interested in contributing, there may be a PJ related treat in it for you!

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