Friday, April 20, 2007

The 3 P's Campaign

As you may remember, back in 1998, fans voiced their love of the song Breath at concerts by shouting for it, and taking along posters displaying the song's name, and after a few shows, the band took notice and played the song after a 4 year absence from the setlist!

The same happened this year when fans carried similar banners/posters etc. to shows in order to get the song Leash played again, and it was once more sucessful, with the song becoming a staple in the setlists of the 2006 World Tour.

This year, we want the same to happen again, using fan power to bring a tune back from the dead, and so we present The 3 P's Campaign:


To your right you can download a flyer/poster to print off and take with you to any shows you may attend! If enough fans participate, then we can get the band to bust out this old classic once more!

Print a copy for yourself, print one for your friends - do whatever it takes, and we can bring back Pilate!

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