Sunday, March 11, 2007

News: Poll Results

The results of last weeks poll are as follows...

Who Would You Most Lke To Support PJ In 2007?
Incubus 7%
Sonic Youth 4%
My Morning Jacket 9%
Interpol 2%
Kings Of Leon 7%
Alice In Chains 16%
Chris Cornell 30%
Tool 6%
Smashing Pumpkins 10%
The White Stripes 8%

I find it interesting that of the 3 bands in the poll that are confirmed as support acts, only one gained over 5% of your vote. Interpol, who have been confirmed for multiple venues, gained a measly 2% of your vote.

We have a new poll up as well, so get voting!
This weeks question is What format should PJ release the 2007 Bootlegs in?

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