Sunday, March 11, 2007

The AR Vault: New Shows Available

Two more shows have been added to The Army Reserve Bootleg Vault:

#13 1998-03-15 Entertainment Center, Brisbane, AUS
#14 1998-03-19 Entertainment Center, Sydney, AUS

They are available to download as FLAC and/or mp3 & Artwork in the section of The Vault labeled The 1998 Yield Tour: Leg I.

This means that all available shows for that section of The AR Vault have now been uploaded. We will take a one month break from the 1998 Yield Tour in order to allow you to take in all the fantastic bootlegs the 1st Leg had to offer, before resuming Leg II in April.

In the meantime, a new section of The Vault will be opened, so keep checking back for updates!

PS: If you find any dead links within The AR Vault, get in contact and we will do our best to have the links repaired within 24hrs. The only known dead link was the mp3 for the 1995-11-02 show, but this has now been repaired.

Enjoy, BWR

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