Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Linkin Park: Destroyed And Inspired By Pearl Jam

Excerpt from an article at www.ultimate-guitar.com

"So, it's with humility that LP guitarist Brad Delson tells PopEater backstage at the L.A.'s Projekt Revolution tour that he and his bandmates have found something like relief, reports AOL Music. "I can finally say with some confidence that having 'Minutes to Midnight' come out and be so well-received, that I really see us now as a career band."

Still, Delson says Linkin recently learned in Europe that they're certainly still evolving -- a lesson taught to them by rock veterans Pearl Jam. "I was really blown away by what they do on stage -- how organic their show is," Delson says. "We played [with them in] Lisbon, and we were kind of high on ourselves a little bit. Then I stood on the side of the stage, watched Pearl Jam perform, and was immediately very humbled. They seriously destroyed us. I say that in the best way possible. It was like, 'Holy crap, there's so much room for us still to grow.'"

Linkin Park are taking another page from their forebears Pearl Jam by releasing complete live recordings of each of their shows following the event. "It means we can't suck," Delson jokes."

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